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NOTICE: Please read this Privacy Statement before visiting BoomSonar web site.Please note that, if you visit BoomSonar web page and use the applications in the web site, you will be deemed to have agreed the terms of this Privacy Statement and to have given your explicit consent for the processing of your personal/corporate data under the terms indicated in this Privacy Statement. If you do not agree the terms of this Privacy Statement, please stop visiting BoomSonar web site and the related applications immediately.

1. BoomSonar has adopted various principles intended for personal / corporate information and data security, with intent to be able to protect users’ or members’ personal or corporate privacy, and enable them to benefit from all the technological services at maximum level.These privacy principles have been determined and are being declared in order to be implemented for data collection and / or usage, including user’s personal data, in BoomSonar website and all its linked websites, mobile applications, and subservices and is intended to give information and take explicit consent of the user under the Law no.6698 concerning the Protection of Personal Data.

2. Users, who visit BoomSonar website and any of its linked websites, and/or use BoomSonar mobile applications, and/or sign up for these, are deemed to have accepted all the mentioned principles.BoomSonar has the right to carry out—at any time—processes such as editing and updating in section “Privacy Statement”, without prior notice, in line with the feedbacks that it receives from one of the contact addresses specified on page contact in its linked websites by respecting the applicable legislation.

3. Any kind of personal/corporate information and data transmitted electronically by users to BoomSonar through its website or its linked websites and/or mobile applications shall not be disclosed by BoomSonar to third parties. In its communication activities by e-mail, SMS or telephone, BoomSonar may send authorized bulletins, carry our marketing activity, and collect data from such communication activities by means of various tools and methods for statistical purposes, in a way set out by the Turkish laws. BoomSonar declares and undertakes not to carry out communication activities without user’s consent, not to do marketing without getting permission, and to provide tools enabling user to leave the system and upon user’s demand to have his personal data deleted easily and free of charge.BoomSonar shall not share, with third parties, the personal/ corporate data and information delivered to it; shall not sell them, and shall not allow them to be used under any circumstances, for any purposes other than the ones specified above.

4. When required, BoomSonar may record users’ IP addresses and other contact information, as well as information already recorded in their user accounts in social networks, in order to ensure the possible system problems in BoomSonar website and its linked websites and/or its mobile applications to be defined, and in order to promptly solve such problems. BoomSonar may also use such records for the mentioned purposes.BoomSonar may use such data/information with intent to define its users, in the general sense, and to create a comprehensive demographic data.BoomSonar’s obligation to keep traffic data, specified in the law No. 5651 and related regulations, are reserved.

5. BoomSonar may provide link from its linked websites and/or mobile applications to other websites. It may publish the advertisements, application forms, announcements, and questionnaires of its contracted 3rd parties. BoomSonar may redirect users to websites/ services / mobile applications of advertisers and its contracted 3rd parties, through such forms, announcements, questionnaires, and advertisements. BoomSonar bears no responsibility in regard to the privacy practices and policies of the other websites and/or mobile applications accessed via such links, as well as their all kinds of visual and textual contents.

6. User’s personal / corporate information is considered to be the, name and surname, address, telephone number, electronic mail address and other information intended for identifying the user. Unless otherwise stated in this privacy statement, BoomSonar shall not disclose, in any way, any of the personal / corporate information to companies and third persons, with whom it is not in cooperation. As an exception to the provisions of this privacy statement, BoomSonar shall be able to disclose the users’ information to third persons for legitimate purposes in the cases specified below. These are;

6.1. Cases, in which it is necessary to comply with the statutory obligations specified in international treaties, which are also effective in the applicable regulations and national law.
6.2. Cases related to the fulfillment of liabilities stipulated by contracts between BoomSonar and its users, and to putting them into practice.
6.3. Cases, in which users are requested to give information, in line with an inquiry or investigation conducted by competent administrative and / or judicial authorities, in accordance with the procedural method.
6.4. Cases, in which it is required to give information, in order to protect the rights of users or provide them with security.

7. Users, whose personal data has been processed under the terms of this Privacy Statement shall be entitled to the following:

7.1. Learn whether or not her/his personal data have been processed and request information as to processing if her/his data have been processed;
7.2. Learn the purpose of processing of the personal data and whether data are used in accordance with their purpose; know the third parties in the country or abroad to whom personal data have been transferred;
7.3. Request rectification in case personal data are processed incompletely or inaccurately; and to request notification of the operations to third parties to whom personal data have been transferred;
7.4. Request deletion or destruction of personal data; request notification of these operations to third parties to whom personal data have been transferred
7.5. Object to occurrence of any result that is to her/his detriment by means of analysis of personal data exclusively through automated systems, and request compensation for the damages in case the person incurs damages due to unlawful processing of personal data

8. With this privacy statement, BoomSonar accepts responsibility to keep the confidential information consisting of trade secrets which have been given to it as definitely exclusive, secret, and confidential; and undertakes to provide and maintain confidentiality; take all technical, legal and administrative measures required for preventing such information from being promulgated, used unauthorized, or disclosed to any third party; and to completely fulfill its liability as required and meticulously.

9. BoomSonar may obtain the usage information in BoomSonar website and its linked websites and/or its mobile applications by using Cookies, which are technical communication files; and may also obtain information about the use of application, through IP or user data from Social Network accounts.Technical communication file called ‘cookie’ is a data file designed and used to obtain statistical information about how many people have used the website on a time-ratio basis, and about how many times and for what purpose a person have visited the relevant website as well as how long he/she has spent time; and to help producing a dynamic assortment of advertisements and contents from user pages specifically designed for users.If they want, users can change the settings of their browsers at any time, in such a way as to ensure that the cookies cannot be delivered in their computers or that an alert is displayed when such a file is attempted to sent.

10. Information that might be requested from users, who reply periodic or non-periodic surveys that might be arranged by BoomSonar in the website or applications, may also be used by BoomSonar and persons or organizations in cooperation with it, for making direct marketing to the users, carrying out statistical analyses, and creating a special database.

11. BoomSonar, at any time when it deems necessary, may change the provisions specified in this privacy statement in accordance with the applicable laws, on condition that it shall publish such changes in BoomSonar website and its linked websites, and/or mobile applications.Provisions of privacy statement changed by BoomSonar shall be deemed to have been put into practice at the date of their announcements in the website or application.

12. Proprietary rights – Intellectual property of all the contents created and shared by BoomSonar belong to BoomSonar. BoomSonar’s brand name, logos, domain names and other brand features cannot be used without written permission. Unless permitted in writing by BoomSonar, the website, its source codes, and collected data cannot be copied, reproduced, modified, and cannot be subjected to data mining engineering or reverse engineering.

13. Intellectual property of the data and contents collected by BoomSonar from third sources belong to the original designer of the idea.The rights to change, duplicate, and sale such contents belong to the owner of the contents.

14. Contents available in BoomSonar and compiled from external sources might be disturbing or illegal.BoomSonar is not responsible for contents compiled from external sources.In case of detection such contents, they shall be removed.

15. BoomSonar Suite uses YouTube API Services for BoomSonar Management Platform

16. Users agreeing our Privacy Policy and ToS to use our services are also agree -therefore bound by- the Youtube ToS and Google Privacy Policy. Youtube ToS:
Google Privacy Policy:

17. As the data controller, We collect and collate information that you either directly provide or that we infer about you while using our Services.
We collect your personal data when You subscribe for the Services, You register an account with us, complete forms on the Website and contact us on a customer service issue.
If you connect your third party social media account to our Services, we may collect certain information stored in your social media account such as:
– Profile Name, profile image, display name, profile ID, access tokens, private messages & direct messages, your posts and comments

18. We use data and content that you make available to us to provide the Services to you, comply with our legal obligations and provide information you request or respond to communications from you. We combine data about you across our different Services.

19. BoomSonar Suite’s Manager platform uses authorized data on behalf of the client. Users can always revoke BoomSonar Suite’s access to their data using Google’s Permissions link:

20. As author, you have have direct control over what you decide to post publicly online. As a user, you have a choice to share information with us. You can always withdraw your consent at any given time.
You may have certain rights in relation to your data under applicable data privacy law. Depending on the law, you may request to access, update, delete, opt-out your personal data for related use cases.

21. We may transfer your Personal Data to, and store it in, a country other than your own, provided that all the conditions laid down in the applicable law are complied with and that there will be an adequate level of protection and safeguards measures for the privacy of your personal data.

22. We will not retain your personal data longer than is necessary for the purposes for which it was processed.

23. We respond to all requests we receive from individuals wishing to exercise their data protection rights in accordance with applicable data protection laws.

24. This contract has been made between TTBOOM Dijital İnteraktif Medya A.Ş (referred to as BoomSonar), located at Harmancı Giz Plaza Esentepe Mah.Harman1 Sok.No:5 Kat:2 Esentepe – Şişli, Istanbul, Turkey; and the natural and legal persons, who get services within the scope of this contract through the website, and who make electronic payment, by entering their titles and contact information. Any requests, questions and complaints about this Privacy Policy can be addressed to

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