Manage Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn accounts in a single platform!

Social Media Account Management Platform


BoomManager helps brands to create and sustain a healthy online relationship with fans,
reply to customer needs, and increase customer loyalty through social media.

Manage Social Media

Create your social media content, schedule your posts, publish and interact with users!

Tell Your Story

Create the best content, see the previews, schedule and publish on social media.

Monitor Engagement

Monitor the engagement, moderate your comments, reply to direct messages

Report Your Success

Report all activities with interactive charts, Excel reports, and PowerPoint presentations!


Manage Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, LinkedIn and YouTube in a single platform

All User Activities

Find all users who reply, mention, follow, comment or message to your brand

Unlimited Results

Reach all of your page activities, monitor every post, analyze every comment

Alert Sounds

Get alerted by sound notifications for important activities on your accounts

Create Content

Prepare your content for your Facebook and X (Twitter) accounts, publish directly

Real Previews

Real previews helps you to fine tune your content and create the best visuals

Schedule Posts

Schedule your posts, implement your content strategy easily

See the Comments

See the comments by users in real-time, assign tasks, and reply easily

Get Direct Messages

Read and reply the direct messages to your brand, see the conversation

Meet New Followers

Find out the users who just started to follow your brand in real time

Collaboration Tools

Ready for teamwork! All activities of your team are visible to you in real time

Integrated Social CRM

Manage all your activities with the integrated Social CRM, improve customer relations.

Social Media Account Management Analytics



BoomManament is designed for brands and agencies to manage multiple social media accounts easily. No need to switch between accounts to catch what people say about your brands on different pages.

Get insights for your social media accounts, conduct Social CRM, and keep your customers happy.

No more switching between accounts all day!

Manage Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, LinkedIn, and YouTube in a single system,

Be first to hear about all activities with real-time monitoring,

Create content with 1-to-1 previews, schedule them to post whenever you want,

Manage customer relations activities with the integrated Social CRM system,

Monitor the activities of competitors, analyze their content and engagement,

Report all your activities in a customizable and interactive dashboard,

Create well designed PowerPoint presentations with the interactive dashboard.



It’s now much easier to manage the social media presence of brands with numerous accounts across multiple social networks!

BoomManager helps you to manage all of your accounts on Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, YouTube, and LinkedIn, see all your messages, replies, and comments in real time, reply and message users, filter the content and analyze the results in a single inbox.

Easy Social Media Management!

 Single platform for all channels

 Manage comments

 Reply to direct messages

 See the mentions and replies

 Meet your new followers

 Assign Social CRM tasks

 See conversation history

 Tag, categorize and process results

Facebook Page Monitoring



BoomManager provides tools for creating content, scheduling your posts with a calendar, and publishing your content in multiple channels and accounts at once. You can also preview your posts on each channel, and see exactly how they will look once published.

You can implement your content strategy with daily, weekly or monthly plans, and schedule your content to publish later.

All Your Posts in a Single Platform

 Single platform for all channels

 Create and schedule posts

 See your posts in the calendar

 See how your post will look like

 Post on multiple channels at once

Post on Facebook, X (Twitter), LinkedIn and YouTube



With real-time monitoring of your competitors’ owned social media assets, you can refine your social media content strategy in real time.

See the posts of your competitors, analyze the comments, measure their success and enhance your social media strategy.

Analyze Your Competitors’ Performance

 See competitors’ posts

 See user comments and mentions

 Easily reply to user content

 Analyze competitors’ strategy

 Filter, search, and process content

 Get ahead in competition!

Social Media Reports Analysis
Social Media Management CRM



Social media account management is a team effort. Creating the best content, analyzing competitor activity, moderating comments and replying to user queries is a complicated day-to-day operation that involves different people in your organization.

BoomManagement is designed for teams. You can assign tasks to each member of your team, see the progress of each task, get help from other departments within your company, add notes, and analyze your workflow with ease.

Organize the Workload of Every Team Member

 Analyze results, mark as read

Assign CRM tasks

 Review and plan posts

 Analyze, tag, categorize the data

 Real-time synchronization. Every action of any team member is visible by others in real-time!



The customizable and flexible dashboard of BoomManager helps you to visualize your social activities, analyze paid and organic content and reach your account insights with interactive charts and graphs.

The interface supports creating and saving multiple custom dashboards, helps you to analyze the account performance in different channels, and interact with the graphs to see the results. All graphs in the dashboard can be exported to create well-designed PowerPoint presentations.

Interactive Graphs, Charts, and Tables for your Activities

 Over 100 charts, graphs and tables

 Create your own dashboards

 Analyze channel-based activities

 Facebook Insights with easy to understand charts

 See the performance of every team member

 Create stunning PowerPoint and PDF reports

 See the trends, most active users, word clouds and more!


Unified social media account management

Unified inbox for all channels

One-stop interface for all accounts

Create, schedule and publish content

Manage Facebook, X (Twitter), Instagram, YouTube and LinkedIn

 Monitor competitors

Advanced data filtering & processing

 Real time alerts, e-mails, and notifications

 Microsoft Excel data export and import

 Microsoft PowerPoint and PDF reports

 Real-time result updates

Listen to and engage with followers

Engage from any account

Collaboration with team work options

 Integrated Social CRM

 Customizable dashboard

 Interactive charts, graphs and tables

Well designed reports

Single-click data processing

Integration to every BoomSonar Suite module

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