BoomSonar Suite has all the tools needed for taking real-time action, preventing crises, and managing your brand.
Get daily summaries, X (Twitter) Trending Topic alerts, influencer notifications and crisis alarms.

Social Media Toolbox


Tools for every marketer, designed for 24/7 monitoring! Never be late to deal with a crisis!

BoomTools provide the tools needed for crisis prevention and management. Get daily summary emails to see the greater picture, X (Twitter) Trending Topic alerts for marketing campaign tracking, X (Twitter) user monitoring to better monitor influencers, and crisis alerts for identification and immediate containment of crises.

Activity Reports

Receive periodic reports on all web and social media activities to your inbox

Trend Alerts

Learn more about the latest trends, get notified when your brand is involved

Influencer Alerts

Get notified when a user with high influence writes about your keywords

Crisis Alarms

Be first to know when your brand faces an online crisis with real-time alarms

Real Time Notifications

Get notifications about your keywords in real time

User Alarms

Know when key influencers mention you, be first to act

X (Twitter) Trending Topics

Know when you are on X (Twitter) Trending Topics list, take action

Find Potential Issues

Get alerts for significant increases in result volume

Daily Summaries

Get the summary of your results in a single e-mail every day, see the big picture

All Channels

Summary tables for all web and major social networks, including Facebook and X (Twitter)

Unlimited Results

Reach unlimited results from social networks, websites, blogs, news sites and more

Designed for Teams

All alerts, notifications and warnings can be shared with your whole team, and others.

Social Media Alerts


Influencers might Tweet negatively about you, multiple users may team-up to create a Trending Topic, a Facebook post might go viral, a negative news article may be published by numerous websites.

BoomTools provide you 24/7 monitoring of these dangers, helping you to be ready for crises and take action. Get notified when anything extraordinary happens!

Real Time Alerts for Potential Crises

Alerts when your result volume increases

X (Twitter) Trending Topics alerts

 Real-time influencer mention notifications

 Daily summaries for your activities

 Customizable alarms for every potential scenario



The Highlights of the Day

Preparing daily, weekly and monthly online activity summaries is a tedious work. BoomTools helps you to get the highlights of the day in a single, well-designed e-mail for easy tracking and reporting. Select your reporting frequency, choose the content channels you want, prepare your e-mailing list and let the results come to you!

Social Media Alert System


Know What is Trending on Social Media

It’s important for a brand to know the trends, and it’s critical to see if a topic about the brand is trending on social media.

BoomTools monitors the X (Twitter) Trending Topics list on multiple locations, and can alert you when your keywords are in the Trending lists.


Get alerts for your brand, products, and executives

Get notified when result volumes change

Alerts for all social networks

Alerts for local, national, and global news sites

Real-time alerts

Set as many alerts as you want

Advanced alerts with detailed queries

Alerts for locations, hashtags, mentions, and users

Learn the latest trends

Follow X (Twitter) Trending Topics

Get daily, weekly, monthly and custom summaries

Get alerts when specific users talk about your brand

Create custom user lists

Spam-free results with Smart Algorithm

Advanced filtering options

Integration to all BoomSonar Suite modules

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