Real-time, multi-screen command center to take action

Newshub real-time command center


BoomSonar Newshub is designed for the energetic teams of dynamic companies and fast reactions.
Monitor web and social media content and see the trends in a single screen, easily plan your actions.

The Command Center

Follow your company, products, message, reputation, and success!

Analyze Campaigns

Follow your marketing, social media, and image campaigns in real time.

Multi-Screen Dashboard

See the stories unfold on up to 12 screens at the same time

Real-Time Visualization

See how your hard work pays out, and visualize how your story reaches to users

Analyze the Trends

Visualize the trends, analyze their progression, find real-time opportunities.

Real-Time Alerts

Get alerted when an important event or user activity takes place!

Real-Time Analytics


There is more in the data that meets the eye. When you look deeper, you can find the patterns and opportunities.

Visualize your results, see the trends, latest news, and your performance; develop your strategy and take action.

See the Deeper Meaning in the Data

See the latest social media trends

Find the trending news stories

Visualize your web and social media results

Analyze social media account performance

Discover the latest opportunities for you

Implement your strategy and see the results



Take Better Decisions Using Your Data

BoomSonar Newshub service is a real time command center, focusing on the real-time delivery of summarized data. You will be the first to see the breaking news, social media activities and online trends.

BoomSonar Newshub provides all the necessary information for analyzing the web and social media, following marketing campaigns, detecting and managing crises, Social CRM activities and more in real time!

Use your real-time knowledge of the latest events, analyze the trends, and improve your online strategy.

Visual Analytics
Multiscreen support


Find the Outcome of Every Decision You Take, Instantly

The real-time Newshub helps you to see each and every action you take, and adjust your strategy on-the-fly. Get data from websites, national news sites, local news, blogs, forums, and all social media channels to see the results of your strategy, find real-time marketing opportunities, and take action.


Real-time visualization

Up to 12 dashboards, at the same time

Social media, websites, blogs, forums, complaint sites, and more

See the latest news from major news sites

Google Trends, X (Twitter) Trending Topics, and YouTube Trends

Real-time analytics

Track campaign results on web and social media

Find sales leads, CRM opportunities, and more in real-time

Analyze the activities of your competitors in real-time

Find mentions, replies, comments and more about your brand

Maps to analyze where people are talking about your brand

Customizable interface

 Interact with users in real-time

Spam-free results with Smart Algorithm

Alerts for important results

Integration to all BoomSonar Suite modules

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The most comprehensive solution for brands and agencies!
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