Smart monitoring platform for gathering actionable insights from big data.

Social Media Monitoring


Monitor millions of websites, X (Twitter), Facebook, Instagram, YouTube, Vimeo, LinkedIn, Foursquare,
Vkontakte, blogs, forums, comments, review sites, sharing sites, bookmarking sites and more!

All Social Networks

Cover all major social networks, including Facebook, X (Twitter), and YouTube

Web Monitoring

Monitor and analyze websites, news sites, portals, blogs, forums and more!

Smart Algorithm

Analyze results with machine learning, get suggestions for the best course of action

Integrated Social CRM

Social CRM is integrated with all results to help your customers

Real-Time Results

Listen to the conversations in real time, be the first one to know

Unlimited Results

Reach unlimited results from social networks, websites, blogs, news sites, and more

Keyword Monitoring

Monitor your results with detailed keywords, use logic operators for the best results

Easy Data Processing

Categorize, tag, and analyze your data with easy to use interface

Excel & PowerPoint

Download your results to Microsoft Excel, get stunning reports in PowerPoint!

Unlimited Archives

All results are kept in a ready to use archive. Compare your campaigns with previous ones

Time Based Search

Search in any time period you want, follow the time based change and trends in the buzz

Monitor the Competition

Follow competitors, compare performance, analyze their campaigns and find insights

Rank by BoomScore

Rank your results by BoomScore, find the most important content easily

Local News

Monitor local news sites and websites, discover trends in different regions

Follow Blogs & Forums

Follow the results from millions of blogs and forums, know the opinions of bloggers

Deep Filtering Options

Use multiple filters and in-depth result search to find the results you need

Web and Social Networks Monitoring


BoomMonitoring is designed to provide real-time monitoring of the online conversation. Get insights for your company, organization, or leaders on the web and social media. Be informed about every topic, from customer relations to corporate communications.

Find All Results, Analyze, Take Action And Report!

Measure the key metrics

Analyze marketing campaigns

Compare your brand with competitors

Monitor the conversation

Listen to what people say about your brand

  Analyze the news articles, read blogs.

Find emerging trends



Monitor every result in real time! Find the news articles, posts, comments, videos and images posted on millions of news sites, portals, forums, blogs, review sites and all major social networks.

Never Miss a Result!

X (Twitter) PowerTrack

 Facebook Pages




Video websites

YouTube, Vimeo and Dailymotion


WordPress firehose access

Disqus firehose access

Over 330 million websites

 Local News

Websites, blogs, forums, portals

Sharing sites

Bookmarking and review sites

Best local news coverage

No result limits

Real-Time Social Media Monitoring
Social Media Listening Platform


Find the sentiment of your results, assign topics and tags, take notes, add users to your lists, find influencers, reach early adopters, increase customer satisfaction. Analyzing data is easy with the processing options and advanced data tools of BoomSonar Suite.

From Raw Data to Actionable Insights

Powerful data processing options

Automatic spam filters

PowerPoint and PDF reports

Metadata for each result

Machine learning based data processing engine

Demographic insights

Mention, hashtag, and link analytics

Export, process and import your data in Excel

Smart suggestions with Smart Algorithm



Powerful query options, multilevel filtering, deep drill down options, in-depth result search and single click data processing. Analyze thousands of results with easy to use filters and tools.

With over 1.500 categories to explore, the deep segmentation is unique to BoomSonar Suite among all monitoring tools.

BoomSonar Suite allows filtering of both web and social media data, and to process all results with a single click. The fast data processing options are extremely useful for even the largest research projects.

Never Get Lost in the Big Data!

Search with keywords, queries, Boolean operators

Search locations, hashtags, mentions, and users

Search in content, summary,full text, bio, location, user

Search link, domain, site title, and more

Search by BoomRank, followers, following, Tweet count

Filter your data by country, language, or category

Filter results with sentiment, topics, tags and notes

Wildcard search operators

Language, country, and channel queries

Sort by followers, Tweets, BoomRank, Retweets

‘Contains’ and ‘Not contains’ queries

Big Data Web
User Friendly Monitoring Dashboard


BoomSonar Smart Algorithm is a fully autonomous learning system. It provides instant classification, data processing, smart suggestions and business intelligence insights.

Smart Algorithm provides actionable insights, notifies you about the most important results, suggests the best courses of action for every result, takes action for you; and helps you make the best use of your monitoring results.

BoomSonar’s unique Smart Algorithm has numerous functions for each department and activity of your company.

Let The Algorithms Work For You!

Machine learning using big data analysis, ready to use!

Easy set-up, increased productivity

Activity based algorithms for marketing, CRM, campaigns, competition, lead generation, reputation and more

Department based algorithms for Marketing, Corporate Communications, Sales, Customer Relations, Human Resources



User friendly and flexible dashboard of BoomSonar Suite helps you to analyze your results with ease in real-time.

Keep an eye on your competitors with customizable charts and tables, visualize the results, and gather insights in a single dashboard.

BoomSonar Suite allows filtering of both web and social media data, and processing of all results with a single click. The fast data processing options are extremely useful for even the largest research projects.

Real-Time Charts and Graphs for All Results

Completely customizable dashboard

Over 300 graphs, charts and tables

Interactive graphs

Filter results with sentiment, topics, tags, and notes

Interactive hashtag, mention, user and text clouds

Real-time maps with result locations

Language, country, and channel details

Download your dashboard as PowerPoint or PDF

Visualize Big Data


Monitor your brand, products, and executives

Monitor competitors

Monitor all social networks

Local, national, and global news sites

Real-time results

Unlimited results

Unlimited result archive

Keywords, queries and Boolean operators

Location, hashtag, mention, and user search

Wildcard search operators

Customizable dashboards

Over 300 charts and graphs

Microsoft Excel data export and import

Microsoft PowerPoint and PDF reports

Rank results with BoomRank

Spam-free results with Smart Algorithm

Unique website classification with over 2000 categories

Advanced filtering options

Single-click data processing

Integration to every BoomSonar Suite module

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