Conduct industry research, brand perception analysis, content analysis, discourse analysis,
demographics research, influencer analysis and many others with BoomSonar Suite data.


The market research team of BoomSonar Suite can help you to get a deep knowledge of your data.
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Trend Analysis

Gather the opinions of the general public, industry experts, legislators, and leaders! We can gather data from all sources, analyze the underlying themes, measure the change in opinions, see the trends, and help you to improve your business strategy.

Content Analysis

The user generated content of social media holds great value. Get your analysis on the social media content of regular users, different user types, brand content on owned channels, comments on posts, contents of your competitors, and more!

Influencer & Celebrity Analysis

Some users have more influence on the social media, and their ideas should be closely watched. Meet the important users for your influencer marketing efforts, get your analysis on influencer ideas, and learn their intuitions!

TV Performance Analysis

Get your analysis about the performance of television shows, measure social media ratings, see the conversations about your shows, analyze the competitors, see the perception of the cast.

Brand Perception

The perception of your brand in consumer minds is something you can only influence. We can help you to reach the raw user opinions, analyze the consumer perception of your brand, and find ways to shape it.

Product Analysis

Get direct, unbiased consumer feedback! We can find all online content about your products, the strengths, weaknesses, aspects to improve, and performance. Just listen what the consumers say!

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