Monitor Different Channels

Instagram and Foursquare are important additional channels for the online presence of the brands, focusing on visual content and geotagging. The different dynamics of these channels require specialized tools to monitor, measure and analyze social media campaigns in these channels.

Designed to meet the specific requirements of different social media channels, BoomExtra is a real time monitoring and analysis system focusing on Instagram and Foursquare.

Instagram Monitoring
Follow your Instagram hashtags, measure campaigns
Foursquare Monitoring
Report all the comments of your Foursquare venue
Real Time Search Results
All results are gathered in real time. Be first to hear!
Easy Data Processing
Categorize, tag and analyze all your results
Download Your Reports
Save and export all your results to Microsoft Excel

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Measure Instagram and Foursquare

Different channels require different solutions. Image oriented Instagram and geotagging site Foursquare have different characteristics compared to other social media channels. BoomExtra provides the specialized tools for every marketer to measure and analyze Instagram and Foursquare results.

With BoomExtra you can monitor Instagram activities around your brand and marketing campaigns, follow the comments on your Foursquare venue, analyze the results and create reports in real time.

Be First to Hear
With real time monitoring, be first to know about Instagram and Foursquare results
Analyze the Conversation
Analyze your results, categorize content, take notes, determine sentiment
Unlimited Results
No result limits! Monitor every conversation, analyze thousands of results
First to Know, First to Act
Real time Instagram monitoring is an important tool for every marketing department. Manage your campaigns with real time data, fine tune your posts, know the reach of your campaigns and the engagement of your hashtags!

Foursquare venue monitoring is designed for companies with multiple branches, offices and chapters. BoomExtra helps you to monitor, analyze and engage with Foursquare comments with ease.

Monitor Instagram
Monitor Instagram hashtags, see photos and analyze users in real time
Foursquare Venues
Monitor Foursquare venues for comments in real time, take action
Analyze Your Data
Categorize your results, select the sentiment, take notes and create charts
Easy to Use and Informative Interface
Data processing and analysis has never been this easy! Designed for daily use, BoomExtra provides a lightning fast interface with every option needed for data analysis. Analyze thousands of Instagram posts and Foursquare comments daily.

Follow your competitors, analyze marketing campaigns and visualize the results with a solid interface.

Easy Data Processing
Categorize, tag and analyze data with an easy to use interface
Multiple Filters
Filter your results by date, category, type, sentiment and topics
Microsoft Excel Reports
Download all your results to Microsoft Excel
Try BoomExtra Now!
Try BoomExtra demo, start your real time monitoring and reporting!

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