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BoomSocial is a free online social media analytics platform for analyzing, measuring, and comparing social media performances of brands. BoomSocial helps you to get social media insights, develop content strategies, and monitor your competitors.

BoomSocial is developed by Tick Tock Boom Digital PR and Marketing Agency, based on the infrastructure of the real time search engine BoomSonar.

Free To Use
BoomSocial is free to use! No more excuses for not monitoring!
Monitor Social Media
Monitor and analyze fans, followers, subscribers, posts, videos, photos and more!
All Major Channels
Monitor pages in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube and Instagram!
Analyze Competition
Follow your competitors, analyze their actions, update your strategy

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Analyze Social Media

BoomSocial is a social media analytics, analysis and measurement platform, designed to provide free insights for brands to improve their online content strategies.

BoomSocial monitors thousands of brand pages, accounts, company pages and channels in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube and Instagram. BoomSocial helps you to measure social media performance, measure fan growth, analyze post engagement and develop content strategies for FREE.

Social Media Analytics
FREE analytics platform for brands to measure social media performance
Boom Quality Score
Compare pages with a single standardized score
All Major Channels
Analyze brand pages in Facebook, Twitter, Google+, Youtube and Instagram
Engagement Rates
See the engagement of your followers with your page and posts
Detailed Charts and Graphs
Visualize and analyze your data with easy to understand charts and graphs
Social Media Infographics
Monthly infographics for global social media usage

Free Social Media Statistics

BoomSocial helps you to analyze your social media! With BoomSocial, you can track fans and followers of your social media channels, measure the daily, weekly and monthly growth, see all of your posts in a single page, monitor the engagement levels of your posts, analyze engagement types and much more!

Analyze your page, compare statistics with your competitors and sector, revise your social media content strategy!

Competition Analysis
Compare your social media performance with up to 7 competitors
Detailed Categories
Detailed page categorization by industries with over 100 sectors
All Brand Content
All posts, Tweets, videos and photos by brands, with complete engagement statistics
Engagement by Post
Engagement statistics for every post published by the brands
Fan & Follower Statistics
See the daily statistics for fans, followers, subscribers, growth, content and more
Detailed Post Statistics
Detailed data for every post, video, photo or link shared by the brands

Premium Reports & Analyses

BoomSocial Premium Reports & Analyses allows you to analyze and report the social media performance of your industry, brand and competitors. The analyses include valuable analytics for brands to improve social media content and marketing strategies. Analyses are prepared in Microsoft PowerPoint format, allowing users to import slides to their own presentations.

Analyses for industries and brands are available for online purchase for multiple industries and brands in different social media channels.

Monthly Industry Analyses
Analyze the monthly performance of your industry, update your content strategy
Custom Reports
Create customized reports for your brand and competitors, analyze the competition
Brand Reports
Prepare custom reports for your brand, improve your social media performance
Register to BoomSocial
Register to BoomSocial, start social media page monitoring for FREE

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